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West Africa Solution To Environmental Sorunding Intelligence Test Home And Abroad

The West African Examination Gathering (WAEC) Geology Senior School Testament Examination (SSCE) paper will occur on Wednesday, sixth April, 2018.

The 2018 Waec topography exam will include Papers 2 and 1 Exposition and Target which will initiate from 8.30am and end by 11.30am. That implies the examination will keep going for three hours (3hrs) as it were.

In this post, we will post out examples of the WAEC geology inquiries for competitors that will partake in the examination for training purposes.

WAEC Topography Answers 2018.

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Geology OBJ:








Trend setting innovation

- Trend setting innovation has helped in the arrangement of more proficient cultivating hardware like tractors,planters to expand the nourishment generation

- It has additionally prompted the improvement of synthetic substances, for example, insecticides,pesticides to control nuisances and infections

- New harvest assortments and creature breeds with early development and high yied have been produced


Enhanced Restorative CARE

- It has advanced overabundance births over passings

- It has a decent learning of the reasons for contaminations and ailments and how to avert them has prompt increment in populace

- Better sanitation which has checked episode and spread of maladies has prompted populace increment


- Help: Jara is situated in marsh with profound volcanic and alluvial fields which supports the development of harvests and homes

- Ideal atmosphere: This territory has direct calm and bounteous precipitation consistently and is upheld by water system for the development of yields

- Prolific soil: Jara is honored with rich volcanic alluvial soils which supports the development of numerous harvests

- Escalated agriculture:The soil is seriously and continously developed in view of its fruitfulness for the development of rice and different harvests




- Modern capacity

- Business work

- Regulatory capacity


- Agrarian capacity

- Blundering capacity

- Angling capacity


- Arrangement of food:Urban zones rely upon rustic regions for sustenance stuffs

- Untalented work supply:Unskilled work supply for the most part originate from rustic to urban ventures

- Restorative herbs:Medicinal herbs and roots are generally purchased from country to urban territories for phamaceuticals



- Work

- Transport

- Market

- Water

- Site

- Atmosphere



DRAW THE Diagram


- Nearness of interesting area shapes

- Nearness of interesting chronicled and religious focuses

- Interesting condition and conditions

- Nearness of regular and artifical lakes


- Insecure political elements and government approaches

- Insufficient upkeep of vacationer focuses

- High rate of wrongdoing rate in the nation

- Extended of maladies



DRAW THE Diagram


Development of merchandise and enterprises

- Development of individuals

- Improvement of tourism

- Opening up new grounds and regions

- Age of income


- It is exorbitant to manufacture and keep up railroads

- Railroad transport is moderately moderate in some different zones

- Railroad organize is for the most part poor

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