I don't control drinking, I always drink big, and the wine is bad. If I drink too much, I will talk a lot. They are all nonsense, and they are rebellious when they are peaceful, and they often get tired of friends. The next day, I will despise myself again. After a while, I will forget the pain.

Using the "24-hour" program, during the days of our drinking, we often swear when we are very uncomfortable, "No more drinks ." We vowed not to drink for a year, or to say to others that we want three weeks or three I don't touch that thing anymore . Of course, we have really tried to do it many times. When we bit our teeth and announce our decision, we are very serious. From the heart , we really don't want to get drunk again. We made up our minds. We vowed to cut out alcohol altogether, it will be never touched alcohol. However, in addition to the wishes, the results are always unquestionable. In the end, the vows and painful memories will be left behind. We started drinking again, and we were bothered by more trouble. Our "forever" is always not sustainable. Some people will have reservations when they swear: We tell ourselves that this vow is only for "spirits", not beer. On this point we need to understand - Beer and Portuguese grape wine makes us drunk, but will need to drink more to achieve the same effect with the spirits. IThe pain of drinking beer and wine drunkenness is as much as we used to drink spirits. Yes, others of us did keep their promise to quit for a long time, until the time of the re ...... we drink, and soon fall into trouble in the original, but with a new guilt and regret hate. Because of this experience repeated struggle, in AA, we try not to say "never quit wine" and "the pledge." They remind us of past failures. We realize that alcohol dependence is a permanent, irreversible disease, and our experience has taught us not to make long-term vows to stay awake. We have found a more real occasion, more effectively saying: "I just do not drink today." Maybe we drank yesterday, but we can't drink today. We may drink tomorrow, who knows the road when we are not still alive? But we decided not to drink this 24 hours. No matter what what the temptation and anger, we determined to do my best to avoid drinking the first glass of wine today. Our friends and family are tired of our vows, which is understandable - " I said this must be counted this time ," but I can only see that we are going home. So we do not them, even to swear at one another, this oath has been meaningless. We only guarantee ourselves. After all, our health and life are at risk. We (rather than family or friends) need to take the necessary measures to maintain our good condition. If you drink too strong desire, many of us who put 24 hours into smaller single dollar. We decided not to drink at least an hour - we can endure this temporary stopped drinking lead from discomfort, more that one hour! Another hour! Go on. The recovery of many of us in the early stages began like this. In fact, every person who recovers from alcoholism is fromAn hour of waking began. This is a simple way of not going to the next glass of wine. (How? Still drinking soda? Are you really not going to the wine that we mentioned on the first page ? If you do, this is the beginning of your recovery.) Maybe you will go for a drink But now we don't touch it, at least today, or nowin. (You said, then look at the rest of this chapter?) The "24-hour" plan is very casual. We can start again at any time, no matter where we are. At home, at work, at the bar or in the hospital ward, at 4: 00 in the afternoon or at 3:00 in the morning, we can decide not to drink alcohol at any time in the next 24 hours or 5 minutes. Constantly updating this plan will avoid the weakness of “forever drinking” and “swearing to quit”. When the time come true abstinence vows, we thought to what we expect in the end, we feel that they can customize a drink. But "Today" is always there, life is composed day by day, today is all of us, and anyone can do it without drinking for a day. At first, we just try to have a good day (now), just to keep the Qing awake - it does work. Once this way of thinking becomes part of our thinking, we find that a 24-hour life is equally effective and satisfying for dealing with other things.
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