1) Drink slowly while enjoying conversation. 
Drinking slowly gives you plenty of time to treat your liver and reduces the amount of alcohol that reaches your brain cells. Especially, it is good to have enough time to prepare your first drink slowly and to prepare for smooth alcohol metabolism.

2) Do not drink with various types of alcohol. 
Please stop the bomb! If it is inevitable, it drinks in order of weak alcohol from weak alcohol. If you drink a strong drink first, because the gastric mucosa can not absorb properly, the burden of the liver increases.

3) Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. 
Drinking on an empty stomach will double blood alcohol levels after meals! When it is difficult to eat, at least drink a glass of milk beforehand.

4) Tofu is good for tofu and fruit. 
Proper stomach protects the stomach and prevents the rapid absorption of alcohol. However, it is easy to cause excessive fatty liver or fatigue. It is good to eat snacks such as vitamins, minerals, protein-rich tofu sirloin fruits that help to detoxify alcohol.
Five times in a glass of drink! "Let's have a principle and drink.

5) He does not try to show off his own liquor. 
I eat a little enough to match the mood. At most, it should be half a bottle for shochu, and not more than 1000 ml for beer.

6) Make sure you have a recovery period between drinking days. 
If you are forced to overeat, give at least 2 to 3 days for the liver to recover.

7) We choose kind of drink well. 
Drinks with an alcohol content of 15-30% are absorbed most quickly.
Therefore, it takes more time for soju (15 ~ 25%) or sake (15 ~ 18%) than beer (4%) or liquor (40%). (Mysterious girl ~~) Makgeolli is slightly lower than sake It contains a lot of alcohol, which sticks to the stomach wall, causing the stomach to last long.

8) Avoid alcohol containing carbon dioxide. 
Alcohol that produces carbonated gas like champagne makes you drink faster than it does not. This is because carbon dioxide stimulates the gastric wall and promotes alcohol absorption. This is why it is better to drink cola or cider in a drink.

9) Smoking during drinking is even more harmful. 
More oxygen should be fed to the liver to decipher the alcohol, which
is counteracted by the carbon monoxide coming out of the cigarette. In addition, nicotine promotes gastric juice secretion, causing gastric hyperplasia and worsening blood flow in the gastric wall.

Hangover should be released enough. Alcohol is not completely decomposed in the body, and alcoholic aldehydes travel around in the blood, stimulating the cerebrum or reversing the inside. To avoid this, it is good to discharge the alcohol ingredient quickly. Coolly

1) After drinking, after the karaoke is good. 
If you sing in a loud voice in a karaoke room, you will also get a lot of alcohol metabolism through breathing. However, do not eat anything other than water in the karaoke room.

2) Wash with alcohol. 
The next day after drinking alcohol, drink plenty of water from time to time to let the remaining alcohol component quickly escape.

3) Avoid coffee, milk, and carbonated drinks. 
Food that promotes gastric acid secretion and makes it chewy does not help relieve hangovers.

4) Good menus of
bean sprouts, bean sprouts soup, shellfish soup,

5) Drinking tea
Citron tea, ginseng tea, green tea, tea, pine tea, etc.
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