How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

If you think you drink too much, but even if you are not an alcoholic, quitting drinking will bring you many benefits, such as preventing heart attacks, reducing your weight, avoiding hangovers, and reducing the possibility of liver disease. If you want to be able to quit, here are some steps you could follow.

1) Talk to your doctor . If you choose not to, keep in mind that alcohol withdrawal can be potentially lethal. If you start to experience withdrawal symptoms (panic attacks, anxiety attacks, tremors, tachycardia) you must seek medical assistance immediately. Your condition may worsen and lead to the lethal delirium tremens if left untreated.
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2) Change your mood about quitting! Remember, you are not forced to abandon a good friend who has always helped you. You're finally getting rid of a dangerous enemy.

3) Choose an important date to quit. Be ambitious, but reasonable. If you drink a lot, you should first reduce the amounts taken daily to avoid withdrawal symptoms (in this case it is better to let your doctor decide when to stop).

4) Get rid of all the bottles, cans, etc . And don't feel obligated to offer your guests beer, wine or cocktails. There is nothing wrong with offering tea, lemonade, cola or the like.

5) Accept your feelings. Cry if you have to. Laugh when you can. Eat when you're hungry. Sleep when you sleep. At first you will have strange sensations, but deal with them. You will have lost the habit of feeling your feelings. You will have to start knowing yourself again.

6) Do nothing you don't feel ready to do. If the last time you were at the beach you drank a lot, don't go there this year. If every time you go to dinner with a friend you drink a lot, for once you decline the invitation. Protecting your sobriety is the most important thing right now. Take care of you! Don't worry about satisfying others for now.

7) Those who go with the lame learn to limp. Observe the behavior of the people you frequent. You may have to leave friends or places that made you drink. You may find that the friends you drank with only did it occasionally and drank two glasses against your five.

8) Modify the recipes that require the use of wine so as not to have it in the kitchen, or use in non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

9) Buy a wallet and every time you think of buying a bottle or a drink, put the money you would have spent in the wallet sober. You will be surprised. Use this money to reduce stress in a healthier way: massages, spa, yoga classes, etc.

10) Buy a small jewel inexpensive like a ring or a bracelet, get a henna tattoo on your hand, or give a special nail polish to remind you that these hands will no longer touch alcohol.

11) Drink lots of water. Water will keep you hydrated, make you feel better, and help rid your body of toxins. Men should drink 3 liters of water a day, and women 2.2 liters.

12) Ask for help, talk to your family or your spouse and tell them what you are going through and what you are trying to do.

13) Evaluate whether to join a group such as anonymous or similar alcoholics. Don't feel guilty or defeated if such a group isn't for you. It is not a therapy for everyone. Many people can stop drinking without the support of these groups. Most of those who stopped drinking and managed to get ahead in life, did so through an effort and a commitment to stop drinking forever and never look back.

14) After 90 days of sobriety your appearance will have changed and your body will have started to recover. You will feel like a new person and have probably lost weight.

15) Write a list of ways to "do" all the things you did while drinking, without the use of alcohol. A list of ways to celebrate. A list of ways to make a romantic dinner. A list of ways to relax. A list of ways to be sociable.

16) Enjoy the sensation of going to sleep without "collapsing" just to wake up at three in the morning with a dry throat and a head that seems to explode.

17) Don't try to explain your purpose to other people. Many people don't drink dangerously. They are not alcoholics and therefore cannot understand the problem you have with alcohol. Often even those who have the same problem as you, will prefer to avoid facing it by convincing yourself that neither you nor they are alcoholics. For this reason, when you decide to stop drinking, learn to say "No thanks, I'll take a Coke Light - I'm trying to lose weight". Eventually your friends will understand what you are trying to do and think that you are trying to improve your life.

18) Convince yourself, and always remember, that there is nothing more important in your life than to stop drinking.

19) Find a good reason! For example, "I don't want to be late for work because I suffer a hangover", or "I don't want to embarrass my son in front of his friends". "I don't want to be rude to my partner anymore because I drank too much." "I don't want to lose my license anymore." "I don't want to make a fool of myself with drunk phone calls to my friends and relatives." "I don't want to hide the bottles like a smuggler". "I don't want to pretend to remember what happened the night before." "I don't want to ruin my marriage." "I don't want to ask myself what it would be like to feel good again."

20) Do not avoid all the situations in which you would normally drink. Instead, approach them with the right attitude and remember that you can have fun without drinking.

21) Learn by heart a prayer, a poem or a passage to be repeated when you are about to lose control; trying to remember it could help you stay in you.

22) Reward yourself for every day you managed not to drink.

23) Start doing yoga! It will help you manage stress and calm the mind.

24) Take vitamin B supplements every day during your first week without alcohol. Alcohol influences the body's ability to absorb them (especially thiamine). Too little intake of these vitamins can lead to serious cognitive problems (Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome).

25) You're about to give up, try to visualize what would happen if you lost control completely. Do you really want to turn into that person again?

26) If you usually drank at the same time, for example after work or when you get home, change your routine and enter other activities in those moments, such as visiting your parents or a friend.

27) Eat before drinking. This will reduce your desire to drink.

28) Learn to meditate. Meditate regularly, especially in the morning, and at the end of each session, swear not to drink alcohol. Remember how you felt while meditating when you feel like drinking. He might be able to distract you.

29) Don't lose hope. Many people find excuses like "I drink so much, that it probably won't make any difference" or "I've tried so many times to stop, that by now I understand that I can't do it". Some will feel hopeless and defeated after discovering that they are sick with cirrhosis or other similar diseases. Stopping drinking can stretch your life regardless of your condition. How much it can extend varies from person to person; the body of each of us is different and some are more resistant than others. You should think that if you have been willing to try to quit many times in the past, you have the ability to do it again. There is no age limit and it is NEVER too late to stop drinking.

30) Don't let the sense of guilt consume you - Some will feel stupid and guilty for not trying to quit sooner. Don't blame anyone, not even yourself. Alcohol is responsible. He tempted you and made you believe he was a great friend. Instead he was your worst enemy. Your health is the most important thing, and you can't help anyone when you're dead. Therefore, YOU will have to succeed in overthrowing the tyranny of alcohol and starting from scratch, like a nation after a revolution. It will be difficult and you will have to learn from your mistakes, but remember that your life was ruined by alcohol; when you get rid of it, you can start a new life, and those around you will also benefit.

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