Alcoholism is characterized by excessive alcohol consumption, regardless of its effect on the body and daily activities. There are many effective ways to overcome alcoholism. From simple methods to medical assistance. Come on , see the following review.

Alcoholism can be grouped into two types, namely substance abuse and substance dependence. Alcohol abuse, usually characterized by excessive consumption patterns of alcoholic beverages and negative effects on their daily lives. Alcohol abuse generally continues to consume alcohol without knowing the situation and conditions, and regardless of the consequences, such as continuing to drink alcohol to get drunk while driving.

Overcoming Alcohol Addictiongradually

Over time, alcoholics need a greater amount of alcohol to be able to achieve the expected effects, until they reach the stage of dependence. More than psychological complaints, people with alcohol dependence often experience physical complaints when they don't take them. The negative influence of alcoholism can also be felt by people around addicts, especially families, for example because of acts of domestic violence committed by alcoholics.

Overcoming alcoholism can be a long process and requires strong intentions, also supported by various treatments and therapies. The first step is to fight alcoholism and accept that this habit has a negative impact on your life.

Overcoming alcoholism with Individual Strategies

There are several individual strategies that you can do to overcome alcoholism, including:

factors Beware of environmental factors around you that can trigger you to consume alcoholic beverages again. You can start by telling family and friends that you stop drinking alcohol. Ask for their support to always remind your purpose. In addition, you may also need to keep away from friends, situations or places, which can make you consume more alcoholic beverages.
Healthy lifestyle
Apply a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and regular foods, exercising regularly, and applying good sleep patterns. This habit will help overcome the alcoholism experienced.
Do positive activities Avoid activities involving alcohol. You can do your hobbies, such as farming or gardening, fishing, reading books, and other hobbies that do not involve alcohol.
In addition, you can support these efforts with activities such as yoga , meditation, and acupuncture . All three can make you more relaxed and reduce the level of anxiety and stress, or depression that might be caused by stopping consuming alcoholic beverages.

Overcoming alcoholism with Medical Assistance
If you have tried various methods above and have not managed to escape from alcoholism, then you should immediately see a doctor to get effective treatment or treatment according to your level of addiction.

Here are some treatment options that are usually recommended by doctors or other experts:

The detoxification program will be offered as the first treatment and an important step to get rid of alcoholism. Detoxification functions to remove alcohol from your body's system. Detoxification is done at the therapy center or hospital. It takes at least seven days for this detoxification procedure. You may also need additional drugs to prevent symptoms of alcohol dependence in the detoxification process, such as trembling, confusion, hallucinations, and seizures.

Behavioral Counseling and Therapy
Generally, doctors will recommend you to a counselor or other alcohol addiction treatment program. This program aims to help you learn strategies and ways to overcome the urge to return to drinking. Generally, the urge to go through old habits gets stronger after you return to the environment. Counseling can be done privately or in groups. Joining people who are experiencing the same thing will help you to support each other in overcoming alcoholism.

There are several types of behavioral therapies that can help you quit alcoholism, including:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) . Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you identify feelings and situations that can cause you to want to consume drinks. You will be taught how to manage stress and change the mind that causes you to drink.
Motivation enhancement therapy. This therapy helps you build and strengthen motivation to change your behavior, related to alcoholism.
Family counseling, including spouses and other family members. Not only does it help improve family relationships, this therapy is also a manifestation of family support for your goal of being free from alcoholism.
There are several medical drugs used to treat alcoholism. These drugs include:

Disulfiram is a drug that can be used as a supporting therapy to overcome alcohol dependence.
Acamprosate is the latest type of drug to help combat alcoholism. This drug changes brain chemistry to reduce anxiety, resentment, and addiction due to alcohol.
Naltrexone can be given as a tablet or injection drug. This drug works by blocking the "happy or comfortable" effects of alcohol in your brain. This will help you to feel unnecessary and reluctant to consume drinks
In its application, the various treatment methods above need to be combined to get the best results from your efforts to free yourself from alcoholism. If there is a friend or relative suffering from alcoholism, make sure to always provide support in all the work he does.
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