Here's a list of 10 easy-to-use tips that will help you get rid of your tobacco or alcohol addiction. Draw from this list according to what you feel capable of doing.

Alcohol, tobacco: 10 ways to win alone

1. Make an inventory
The simplest is to note in a notebook what we smoke / we really drink. This newspaper has two advantages: the situation is evaluated objectively, the one who thought he could smoke three cigarettes can see that he smokes ten of them from time to time, and by evaluating it, we start to treat it.

"You can also do several columns and write what you thought before taking a drink or a cigarette, how much you took, and what you felt during and after," advises Marie de Noailles, psychologist.

2. Identify risk situations
"This inventory of consumption can also identify situations and reasons that cause you to smoke or drink and then find other ways to respond," says Pr Lejoyeux.

Identify precisely when you smoke or drink: at home, at work, on a break, alone or with someone, and during which activity (working, telephoning ...).
Then, replace this habit. Some will do some sports in a fractional way, others will remove the coffee or go for a walk five minutes after the meal, others still take a bath on the way home from work rather than an aperitif, go shopping when they do not. do not have the morale, read if they are bored ... Everyone will draw on his personal resources.
A constant: "At parties, it is better to set in advance what we will consume, to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, not to drink one drink after another, and to eat, warns Dr. Karila. If this is difficult to hold, it is better to leave. "

3. Challenge conventional wisdom
Contrary to popular belief, quitting or drinking makes life more beautiful. A recent study indicated that the morale of ex-smokers is better after the first weeks of withdrawal, which can be offset by nicotine replacement therapy. As for the alcohol, if it can have an antistress effect at the beginning, it ends up depressing when one drinks a lot and a long time.

4. Read the experiences of others
Do you think you'll never get there? Reading the experiences of those who managed to stop is very beneficial, "  listening to the similarities and not the differences," insists Marie de Noailles. By going to the forums of people who have stopped drinking or smoking, we often recognize each other. It helps, gives courage, you feel less alone, and there are tips. "

5. Wait 7 minutes before cracking
" Cravin g, the urge to consume, neurologically lasts seven minutes. Exceeding this period of time makes it possible to distance the immediate envy ", says Marie de Noailles. Even forget it.

Everything is good for that: drink a big glass of water, pick up the mail at the mailbox, play with his dog, launch a Solitaire on his smartphone, empty a cupboard ...

6. Dare to refuse
Are you tempted while trying to pick up? "Answer with a big smile and as many times as necessary: ??I do not smoke. This is the technique of the striped disc, " advises Michel Lejoyeux.

Refuse a drink is more difficult.

"  If you do not smoke, nobody will insist. On the other hand, if you do not consume alcohol during a dinner, you will have to defend yourself. The one who drinks is normal, the one who drinks a little too much is a bon vivant, the one who does not drink is sick, warns Professor Lejoyeux. Better to prepare, and repeat: "No thank you tonight, I do not drink," without having to justify and giving the least explanation possible. "

7. Rely on your friends
"To see someone who is more anxious about those who are still dependent," says Professor Lejoyeux. It is best during this time to see friends who do not smoke, drink or push you. "

8. Write to your addiction
Dear cigarette, dear alcohol ... "Start your letter as if you were writing to someone unique, and let yourself be carried by what you feel, suggests Marie de Noailles. By expressing things on a piece of paper, you are fighting the irrational part of you that is tempted by the product. " Often, we realize that we are angry against him. When you feel ready, it can also be a goodbye letter.

9. Discover other pleasures and vary the pleasures
To change your mind, be imaginative and daring! Spoil yourself, treat yourself to a boat ride, schedule a cinema or a nice dinner, spot the effects on your sex life, you're reliving! "Your partner will prefer to have a relationship with someone who does not smell of alcohol or tobacco," says Michel Lejoyeux.

10. Set an achievable goal
The more successful you are, the more you will believe in your abilities. For that, it is necessary to make it easier: if you prefer to reduce your consumption rather than to stop everything, well, begin to decrease. If setting
a date helps you, do it.

"  It's a matter between yourself and yourself," says Professor Lejoyeux. "It's all stupid, but it works, confirms Marie de Noailles. At home, buy a single bottle and set yourself a goal,
for example, that it lasts three days. Drink each drink more slowly, in small sips ... For tobacco, it is better to stop overnight, but decrease over a period of time can calm anxiety before weaning. "

Finally, do not be afraid of relapse. "The one who relapsed has progressed. He is no longer in denial of the I have no problem. He is much better than the one who did not try to stop, " insists Professor Lejoyeux. Learn to congratulate yourself!
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